Environmental, Social & Governance Services

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing uses ESG factors in addition to financial factors to make investment decisions. ESG factors have become increasingly important for all responsible and effective investment managers as they highlight significant company performance issues. Financial risks such as reputation and regulatory infringement are often hidden during traditional financial analyses, but are featured in ESG screenings. As a result, ESG policies have become a standard expectation of investors, clients, employees and other key stakeholders.

Prime Advocates guides firms through the ESG policy creation lifecycle. We offer tailored support, suitable for firms interested in developing a light-touch, compliance-focused ESG policy or for firms interested in implementing best-in-class active ESG compliance. We assist firms through each stage of developing an ESG policy, including:

  • Identifying priorities

  • Creating a policy

  • Implementing the policy

  • Reporting on performance

  • Monitoring and improving practice

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Policy Development

We help you determine your responsible investment priorities for your investments, agree appropriate ESG factors and identify relevant ESG risks. As well as framing your strategic outlook, we help develop an ESG policy and implementation framework. We also help our clients to implement simple processes to monitor compliance against their agreed ESG framework.

Implementation & Oversight

We conduct periodic reviews, independently verifying adherence to your agreed ESG policy and processes. We identify relevant ESG data to help measure your ongoing performance and we can also assess your internal processes for managing ESG issues. We conduct regular reporting to help you to showcase how you are implementing your ESG policy, outlining your performance against agreed policy goals.

Chief Impact Officer

We provide a holistic and comprehensive out-sourced ESG Expert function. Our high-calibre expert staff act as an external “Chief Impact Officer”, providing a go-to resource for ESG and responsible investment issues for hedge funds and institutions.

Training & Development

We support long-term organisational development on ESG or impact themes. Our development journey involves up-skilling on:

  • Theories of Change - a comprehensive description of how and why desired ESG or impact change is expected to happen (with a focus on terminology)

  • Monitoring & evaluation - develop subsequent monitoring and evaluation frameworks around your methodology

  • Reporting - ownership and understanding of the data ending with ESG/ impact evaluation and reporting management

We provide training to funds / corporate clients to help them introduce ESG methodology and applied understanding to relevant employees. Our training provides an overview of the history of ESG, terminology, trends and helps develop a basis for developing an ESG policy and subsequent reporting schematics.