Fund & Alternative Finance Structuring


Fund Advisory

Fund structure – is key to the efficient operation and function of any fund. Prime Advocates has a wealth of experience transacting through various fund structures in the myriad of jurisdictions and assisting in the assessment of their pros and cons.

Prime Advocates assists to find a clear path through fund strategy and counter-party dependency issues. We may assist in the effective execution and implementation of fund strategies. Prime Advocates advises on fund diversification, liability management, legal and operational risk management and contingency planning. We have particular expertise in the evaluation of: i) custodian and broker terms as applicable to fund structures; and ii) fund collateralisation provisions, perfection and enforcement of security interest aspects.

Corporate and Foundation Advisory

Prime Advocates can assist with your Social Finance venture’s legal structure and related issues irrespective of whether you utilise a fund structure or not. We retain the flexibility to support all alternative Social Finance structures applying our acumen in areas including: investment and contract readiness, general corporate finance, CSR to sustainability, private equity, guarantees, capital introduction and security interest issues. Prime Advocates has specific expertise in assisting foundations to transition in to the Social Finance and Impact Investment arena. Independent and balanced assessment as to all a available strategic value propositions and a co-herent path to the most impactful structure for our client is our goal.