ESG, Impact & Corporate Responsibility


ESG, Impact & Corporate Responsibility

ESG advisory and impact advisory

Prime offers a range of environment, social, governance (ESG) and impact focused services to our clients that complements our core legal and business advisory services. Our range of services includes ESG compliance and reporting support, theory of change development, impact benchmarking and impact targeting services.

We support managers who are trying to incorporate ESG factors from a compliance perspective (e.g. developing a basic ESG policy) right through to managers that want to develop a more comprehensive impact-focused offer (e.g. creating Impact Funds).

We seek to serve the increasing range of investors who recognise the importance of ESG and impact factors, along with the widely recognised correlation of ESG-aligned investing with improved risk-adjusted returns for investors.

Corporate Responsibility

Businesses are increasingly expected to display strong corporate responsibility, both through a strong community contribution and consistent adherence to good governance principles.

Prime helps corporates to clarify their social responsibility objectives and to carry out appropriate due diligence or audits to review and improve ongoing performance.